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Welcome to IB STEINER,

your trusted polymer ingenieurs! For almost
3 decades we have been successfully innovating and developing products and moulding processes thus creating a broad knowledge about product design and manufacturing in reference to various materials. We are pleased to be able to work for you.

Your Team of IB STEINER
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DI Gottfried STEINER

DI Gottfried STEINER

CEO & Gründer


Since the founding of IB STEINER in 1995, our customers select out of a comprehensive range of polymer engineering services. The focus lies on development and construction of polymer components, inventiveness for innovations, competence analysis, simulation and development of new technology processes as for example the EXJECTION® technology.
DI Gottfried STEINER, CEO IB Steiner


Since the founding of IB STEINER in 1995, our customers select out of a comprehensive range of polymer engineering services. The focus lies on development and construction of polymer components, inventiveness for innovations, competence analysis, simulation and development of new technology processes as for example the EXJECTION® technology.

Competent, professional qualified and targeted to economic efficiency we elevate the state of the art and analyse the requirement. Thereafter we develop, test and evaluate the solution of the variants for your product. We also support our clients to introduce their innovation in the market.

Leading Competence in
Polymer Engineering

  • AIRBUS A380

    AIRBUS A380

    For the aircraft and automotive industries the focus is laying on weight reduction at a max, high functionality combined with safety aspects and a short period of development time. Since the early days IB STEINER is a competent partner for development of high quality and functional components and interior parts in civil aircrafts, such as the world's largest window assembly, developed for the AIRBUS A380.
    "Innovation instead of redesign" is one of the leading headlines in that forward-thinking business, and reflects also perfectly into other industries of the modern century.
  • Use of Simulation Tools

    Use of Simulation Tools

    Decades of experience in the use of virtual simulation tools and mechanical simulations, allow a fast implementation and a standardised support for development of single or multiple mould components and parts. Virtual redesign of products enables lightweight construction in combination with lower development and manufacturing costs.
  • Material Competence

    Material Competence

    A comprehensive materials competence over the whole range of natural and synthetic polymers, combined with a long standing experience with high temperature thermoplastics and the application of material combinations/hybrid technologies such as wood + polymer, metal + polymer and ceramic + polymer is a benefit for our customers.
  • Technologie | EXJECTION Endlos

    Technology | EXJECTION Endless

    The EXJECTION technology is a special injection moulding process, developed by IB STEINER and applied for a patent. This innovative continuous moulding technology combines the advantages of extrusion and injection moulding. It is ideally suited to the production of long, thin-walled and structured parts with low clamping force.
  • Innovative Produktentwicklung

    Innovative Product Development

    Together with our clients we draft an individual project schedule, which is exclusively tailored to the needs of their needs. Based on economic criteria, we raise the state-of-the-art and analyse the requirements. Afterwards we verify and evaluate solution variants and develop products with unique selling proposition, as well in functional as in economic aspect.
  • Forschungslabor mit Technikum

    Research Laboratory

    The research lab with technical center for injection molding technology of IB STEINER carries out investigations into the development of new technologies, which are the basis for a later series conversion. The process capability of new processes is also explored and improved, such as the use of intelligent materials, better known as smart materials.


    Increased competitiveness by more functionality, a high product quality and a reduction of material and production costs for example. This is perfectly realized in several innovative products such as the valve of a portable fire extinguishers or a FILLING NOZZLE of a pellet chamber, but also in the WINDOW ASSY for the new AIRBUS generation.
  • Kompetenzaufbau und Schulungen

    Trainings in Polymer Competence

    In the course of projects we transfer our knowledge to customers. In several trainings, the employees receive project-related know-how about process sequences, simulations, shape concepts, component design, materials and technical/economic assessments, as well as specific expertise. Training is also possible independently of projects.
    Wood in Automotive Industry
    Quotes of IB

    Wood in Automotive Industry

    The combination of the traditional material of wood with high tech-plastic allows using the advantages of both materials which can be used effectively for weight saving and performance gains within innovative componant design.

    Continuous Moulding

    Continuous Moulding

    Through the use of modern technologies, such as EXJECTION, for production of innovative products, favourable functions, high product quality and more productivity can be achieved continuously.

    Quotes of IB

    INNOVATION instead of REDESIGN - upscale
    Quotes of IB


    We are investing up to 100 % of our company potential into R&D projects for further development of competence and to maintain the market advantages towards our faithful customers.

    Tracking TRENDS ...
    • Services

      Our customers can rely on extensive range of polymer competence, and the advantages of state-of-the-art development tools.

      •   Development of parts und products
      •   Feasibility studies
      •   Process simulations
      •   Injection moulding process developments
    • in all industry sectors ...

      Around 280 customers of IB STEINER distribute themselves to almost all industry sectors and industries of the modern age.

      •   Automotive Industry
      •   Aviation
      •   Life Science
      •   Construction Industry
      •   Consumer Goods
    • ... recommended by customers !

      More than 2.000 successfull development projects are the basis for new and innovative solutions in all areas of polymer engineering. To talk about product success we kindly leave up to our customers.

        Interior for AIRBUS

         Console for AUDI

        Palcom P7 for PALFINGER

    • INVENTUM Award

      For one of already 34 international grounded patents, the IB STEINER received a special award, called the INVENTUM - price of the austrian national patent office.

    • National Award 2009 CONSULTING

      For the development of the EXJECTION Technology, IB STEINER has received the National Award Consulting 2009 by ACA in cooperation with the Austria Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth. This innovative technology is an outstanding example for the international reputation of austrian engineering services and mould manufacturers.

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